Qualities of an Excellent Preschool

Posted on: 21 August 2018

Parents have a hard choice choosing a preschool for their children. They often find themselves considering various preschools, each with its advantages. The primary considerations that parents use are the reputation of the school and its location. They would want a reputable school that is easy to access in such a way that they do not have a hard time picking up and dropping off their children. However, parents should critically scrutinise a preschool before enrolling their children in it. Below are other factors to consider when choosing a preschool.

School philosophy.

Each preschool has a philosophy that guides its operations. The philosophy is often reflected in the school's mission and vision statement. You might find some preschools affiliated with a particular religion or culture. Ultimately, the primary concern of the parent is to ensure that the school's belief system is consistent with the foundation they have laid for their child.

School curriculum.

The preschool curriculum should be age-friendly. As a parent inquire what skills children are taught, how much play time is allocated, how lessons are structured, and if little children have time to rest. Such questions will help you understand if the curriculum is suitable for your child or not.

Learning environment.

Take a tour around the preschool to evaluate if the environment is appropriate for your child. You should look out for;

  • Order. Avoid schools where classes are cluttered with play items. This limits children's concentration. Furniture should be well organised. All areas should be accessible to children.
  • Health and safety. Inquire on what measures the school takes when children get injured or get ill. Does the preschool have a nurse?
  • Comfort. The seats should be comfortable. The classrooms should have sufficient lighting and the right ambience.
  • Nutrition. If the school offers meals, ensure they are healthy and that they are well prepared.
  • Special needs. If your child has special needs, you will want a learning environment that is disability friendly.


The school should have adequate staff. Avoid schools where one teacher has too many students as you want your child to get personalised attention. Preschool teachers should have requisite skills that support holistic child development and make learning fun. The teachers should be patient, creative, excellent communicators and open-minded. While it may not be possible to spot all these qualities during your first visit, ensure that the teachers have proper training in early childhood education.

A preschool is essential as it introduces your child to schooling. When looking for a preschool, evaluate its guiding philosophy, curriculum, learning environment and level of staffing.