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Blog 5 Essential Skills Your Child Should Learn in Preschool Preschool plays a vital role in your child's life as it prepares them for formal schooling. Below are essential skills that your child should learn in preschool, which ensure that they have an easy time transitioning into kindergarten.  Independ… 3 Reasons to Hire a Nanny Before You Move House If you've been thinking of hiring a nanny to look after your children but you're planning on moving to a new home, you may think it's best to look into nannies once you're already settled in your new location. However, there are actually many benefit… Tips on Hiring the Right Carer for Your Child Most parents prefer to take care of their children on their own. However, when you have to hire someone to take care of your child due to unavoidable circumstances, you need to ensure that you have engaged the right individual. Below are some tips to… 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Day Care With a Great Outdoor Play Area When it comes to choosing a daycare that will benefit your child as much as it benefits you, it's important to look for facilities that encourage healthy development. One essential you should put on your checklist is a safe and sizeable outdoor area … Tips for Selecting the Perfect Day Care Centre for Your Kid If you have no one with whom to leave your child with as you go for work, a day care centre will offer the perfect solution. While finding a daycare is easy (because they are everywhere), choosing the most ideal one for your kid is the hard part. You…
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I have three children who have all attended child care centres, and I understand it can be difficult for parents to choose between centres offering different approaches to learning and play-based activities. I have used child care centres that are purely play-based and those that take a structured approach to learning, including a Montessori centre. I started this blog to share my personal experiences as a parent and my tips on selecting a child care centre that suits the needs of your child. I post about a variety of topics, such as what to look for when visiting a child care centre, effective communication with centre staff and helping your child settle in a new environment. I hope you find my blog useful.

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