Key Decisions When Choosing Child Care

Posted on: 22 February 2022

When you find the right child care, your life as a parent can become much easier. Whether it's because you need support when working or you're seeking time for yourself, meeting your care requirements can initially feel challenging. There are usually some decisions to make, and knowing how to make them is the best way to narrow your care options.

Closer to Work Vs Closer to Home

Would you find it easier to drop your child off and then head over to work? Or do your working hours mean you'll finish close to a child care centre's usual closing times? Take a look at the options that logistically make more sense for you. Depending on where you work and live, you may find that you have more choice in one area than another. You may also feel more comfortable knowing that your child is at a care centre close to you during the working day, as you'll have an easier time getting there if they're unwell. Finally, some parents find that they can access discounts for care centres that are especially close to their workplace.

Standard Opening Vs Flexible Opening

Are your working hours fairly standard? Or do they tend to fluctuate? If your working hours aren't going to change any time soon, you'll probably find that you have more options available to you. However, if you tend to have a lot of early starts and late finishes, finding a provider who offers unusual and flexible hours can reduce your stress levels. Those that offer a variety of hours may also make it easier for you to divide the collection and drop-offs between yourself and your partner or another member of your family.

Subsidies Vs No Subsidies

If you qualify for childcare subsidies, you may be able to reduce the fees you pay. However, not all care providers operate within the subsidy scheme, so it's important to check before you submit an application. Some subsidy schemes have strict requirements for participating too. For example, they may require that your child has had all their vaccinations. As the terms of schemes tend to change from time to time, make sure you check yours periodically to ensure your child still meets all the requirements. You should also check the terms of the scheme if your fees change or your children get older, as both of these factors can affect the amount you're entitled to.

Reach out to a child care professional for more information.