Debunking widespread misconceptions about child care

Posted on: 28 August 2018

When it comes to caring for children, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Every parent, caregiver and other relevant party has their own opinion on what works for a child and what doesn't. Therefore, child care centres often have to juggle widespread expectations as to what parents anticipate for their children.

In light of this challenge, there are common misconceptions that people have about child care and other preschool programs. This article will debunk some of these misconceptions by providing the actual truth.

1. The caregivers will handle everything

It is not uncommon to come across parents who simply assume that once they leave their children in daycare, everything is handled. While caregivers often do their best to understand and meet the needs of children under their care, parents play a vital role in making the whole thing work.

The caregiving process is a teamwork effort that involves both parents and child carers. In fact, carers rely on parents to provide critical information regarding the needs and behaviours of their children.

2. Your child will become detached from you

Most parents become concerned that their child will gradually become detached from them while in daycare. Understandably, This can be concerning for any parent. Bonding with your child defines your relationship moving forward. However, you need not worry about losing the current bond with your child.

In most cases, children who bond with their caregivers shows that the carer is actually doing a good job. Your child will eventually be able to decipher the varied roles that each of you plays.

3. Child care centres don't aid in educational progress

Some parents view child care centres as simply places where they can keep their children safe and occupied for the day and not much else. On the contrary, child care centres play an important role in your child's development.

They serve as the initial experience where your child learns how to interact with others and exist outside the comfort of their own home. They get to socialise, learn and play, and they even begin exploring their interests during this time. Therefore, parents should not dismiss the importance of finding quality childcarers and care centres.

4. Child care can cause behavioural problems

It is not uncommon for people to associate care centres with places where children are bored, neglected and susceptible to developing behavioural disorders, but caregivers keep children engaged with games and activities. They closely monitor your child for any unusual behaviour. As long as you're actively engaged in the process, you will be able to catch any behavioural issues early.