3 Reasons to Hire a Nanny Before You Move House

Posted on: 28 September 2018

If you've been thinking of hiring a nanny to look after your children but you're planning on moving to a new home, you may think it's best to look into nannies once you're already settled in your new location. However, there are actually many benefits to contacting a nanny agency before you move. Here are 3 ways a nanny can help your family through the relocation process.

She Can Recommend Schools and Clubs

One of the hardest parts of moving when you have children is finding good schools as well as clubs and playgroups. Nannies can be a huge help with this task. For one, if you lead a busy life, it can be hard to find the time to look into schools and clubs. A nanny, on the other hand, will have plenty of time to research them for you and even visit them in person to assess them. On top of that, a nanny can get to know your child and their current school well enough to help you narrow down options that best fit your family.

She Can Keep Chaos at Bay

No matter how well you plan your move, it can be hard to avoid chaos when kids are involved. Juggling school runs, meals and errands can be hard enough at the best of times. However, when you add packing, booking moving vans and other relocation tasks to your itinerary, it can seem almost impossible to keep on top of family life. A nanny can take a load off your mind by handling the household tasks you don't have time for when you're coordinating your move. Alongside keeping your stress down, it will also help keep your children calm and positive about relocating.

She Can Provide Consistent Support

Moving to a new house is often for the best, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its downsides. For children, the biggest downside of moving is how it disrupts normal life. All of a sudden, your child will have a new school, new friends and other new experiences to deal with. This can be jarring to many children, making them feel uneasy and upset. By hiring a nanny before you move, you can ensure that your child has a stable presence by their side through the whole ordeal, providing consistent support to alleviate your child's stress. This can be a huge comfort to a child who feels like they're leaving many of their loved ones behind during the move.