5 Essential Skills Your Child Should Learn in Preschool

Posted on: 23 January 2019

Preschool plays a vital role in your child's life as it prepares them for formal schooling. Below are essential skills that your child should learn in preschool, which ensure that they have an easy time transitioning into kindergarten. 


The preschool environment is entirely different from the home environment. At school, your child does not have anyone to feed, clothe, and even take him or her to the toilet. The child adjusts by acknowledging that they must make some decisions without the help of parents or the daycare provider. As your child grows, they enjoy this independence which makes them less dependent on you. 

Social skills

Most preschool programs are structured to foster learners' social skills. Class activities encourage kids to work in groups. They are also interactive hence children have to communicate with their teachers throughout the lessons. Play activities outside class help children to intermingle. Although some children may be loners by nature, they still interact with their peers when they need their assistance.  

Emotional resilience

One of the best ways to develop emotional resilience in children is by building their self-confidence. At preschool, your child is introduced to new activities both in and out of class. Preschool teachers are trained on how to motivate children if they are unable to perform these tasks. Your child learns that mistakes are part of life, and if things do not work out the first time, they may work out the second or third time. These skills are essential in improving the child's emotional resilience as they develop high levels of self-esteem. You will also notice reduced levels of embarrassment and disappointment in your child. 

Basic learning skills

Preschool is structured to ensure that children have an easy time learning in formal school. For instance, singing and rhyming games help to build children's phonetics skills. Playing with blocks, counting games, and learning shapes help develop children's analytical skills which are critical in understanding math and science.  

Adapting to the school environment

Preschool also teaches your kid how to behave in a structured environment. In class, the teacher will ask learners to raise their hands when they want to speak. Children are also taught how to respect their peers. For instance, the teacher discourages them from interrupting each other while talking. Kids also learn how to follow a timetable while in preschool. 

Preschool helps your child develop independence, emotional resilience, social, and basic learning skills. Contact local preschools to learn more about their programs.