Three Positive Reasons To Choose Family Daycare

Posted on: 11 December 2020

When it is time to look at daycare options for children, there are several choices open to parents. Traditional daycare, long hours daycare, family daycare, au pairs and nannies are all avenues that a parent has for looking after their child. So, how do you choose one which is best for your family? As a parent who does not like the busyness of a traditional daycare but does not want the loneliness of an au pair or nanny, family daycare is the perfect solution for you. Here are three positive reasons why family daycare is a great choice.

Small Attendee Numbers

In a traditional daycare facility, it is not uncommon for there to be up to 100 children in the facility at any one time. The number of children allowed is determined by the number of educators on site as there is a strict ratio put in place by the National Quality Framework. However, in family daycare, that ratio is simply one educator to seven children. Since family daycare is one person running a care system inside their own home, there will never be more than seven children there including your own. That means your child never gets lost in a crowd and receives plenty of individual attention.

Flexible Attending Hours

Speaking of home-based facilities, not every job is a standard nine to five. Sometimes you need to work early or late, and that is where the flexible operating hours of family daycare works in your favour. The educator does not need to lock their doors at six o'clock and head home because they are home. So, that means when the need arises, you can negotiate hours of care that suit your family.

Consistent Staff

Studies show that continuity of care is important in the life of a young child, and with family daycare, you get the same person looking after your child every day. There is no need for concern about a favourite educator resigning and moving on to a different facility because there is only one educator. This means your child has the opportunity to build a trusting relationship with the person looking after them.

As you can see, family daycare gives small class sizes, lots of attention, no staffing changes and flexible hours, so it is the perfect solution to your daycare needs. Take the time to chat with your local family daycare provider to see what they can offer your child.