4 Effective Ways to Help Your Toddler Adjust to a Child Care Centre

Posted on: 27 May 2021

The transition process for a child into a daycare facility is hard for them and their parents alike. It involves changing routines, spending hours away from their primary caregiver or parents and other adjustments. 

Most children experience anxiety on their first days in a child care centre. It also takes time for them to form bonds with their teachers and the other children in the facility. As a parent, there is a lot you can do to make the transition easier for the little one. Keep reading to learn some ideas to help your toddler adjust better to the child care centre.

Talk to Your Child Before Enrolling Them

Instead of telling the little one how good the new environment will be, try to stay realistic so that they know what to expect. Surprisingly, kids understand things better than you think. Insisting they will love the school only for them to hate it makes you look dishonest in the child's eyes. So, it would be best to be specific about the school environment, teachers and other kids they will meet in the centre. It is also essential to give them the routine and specify when you will pick them up.

Pick the Right Facility

You must feel comfortable about the facility you enrol your child in. Therefore, visit as many facilities as possible and pay attention to the cleanliness and personality of the teachers. When scouting for a centre, go with your child allow them to air their opinions. Then, choose a facility where you both feel comfortable as it eases the transition.

Change the Schedule at Home

Simple adjustments at home, such as eating lunch at the same time as the daycare facility, can go a long way in helping with the transition. It keeps your child physically and mentally prepared, ensuring they do not have a hard time at the facility. That way, going to daycare will feel natural since their body is already tuned to the pattern.

Confidently Say Goodbye

Many children throw tantrums the first few days of attending a child care centre. Maybe it is because their parents leave them behind in a place they are not familiar with. Whatever the reason, it is best to confidently tell your child goodbye after dropping them at the facility instead of sneaking out. Trying to sneak out makes the little one feel abandoned, and they might lose confidence in you. Talking to the toddler on the phone during the day also calms them down and shows them you care even when you are away. 

Transitioning to a daycare facility requires patience, reassurance and consistency. Moreover, taking time to assist your child during this process is rewarding, and the little one will eventually embrace the idea.