Crucial Behaviors That Childcare Centres Encourage in Toddlers

Posted on: 13 October 2021

Early childhood education is essential to the growth and development of a young child, which is why you should enrol your child in a childcare centre. Reputable facilities hire the best caregivers who understand how to work with pre-school-aged kids. Most importantly, childcare centres help kids learn crucial behaviours that are essential to their overall development. This article looks into some of these behaviours.

Exploring Senses Through Structured Mess

Imagine walking into the kitchen only to find your child sprawled on the ground in a heap of colored pencils doodling haphazardly on their drawing book. The chances are high that you will stop and try to help and guide them in coloring something neat. However, you will be surprised that childcare centres encourage toddlers to do exactly that for good reason. Notably, toddlers gradually develop their senses and fine motor skills. Therefore, letting them make a structured mess using their toys and other safe items is probably one of the best ways they learn about and feel the world around them. Moreover, it fuels their curiosity and inspires their love for learning. With time, your toddler learns how to do things in a structured manner.

Requesting the Same Thing 

You probably hear the same phrases repeated by your child throughout the day, asking for the same stories to be read or songs to be sung. Thus, you might wonder how replaying the same song or reading the same story can be any interesting. However, before you change to another story or song, you need to understand why your toddler insists on the same thing repeatedly. Childcare centre caregivers encourage repetition because it helps in the development of various skills. For instance, hearing the same word or phrase repeatedly cements the vocabulary and creates a strong foundation for all forms of learning. Therefore, your toddler will begin to speak some words faster than other children of the same age. Repetition also helps pre-school kids anticipate the next move, consequently building confidence.

Asking Questions

There is nothing wrong with wishing that your child would just listen to your instructions instead of asking you unnecessary questions. In fact, some parents believe that kids who ask too many questions are defiant and disrespectful. However, nothing could be further from the truth because questioning an adult is a common way toddlers develop a sense of identity and independence. Notably, childcare centres are not factories where toddlers learn to be robots and do what they are asked to without asking any questions. Instead, the environment encourages freethinking, which is good for your child's development. Additionally, asking questions could signify that your child just wants you to clarify age-appropriate expectations, rules, and boundaries.